Trailer Bardo by Iñárritu, the short version of Netflix

So much can happen in 22 minutes. A Seattle-based psychiatrist can host a dinner party to impress a member of high society. Another A Seattle-based psychiatrist may find himself on an accidental date with his space crush. A grumpy retired Seattle cop can find common ground with his psychiatrist sons. Sometimes all three of these things can happen in a 22 minute period. But director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu apparently had a full three-act story to cut from his next film, bardo (or a false chronicle of a handful of truths) after screening a three-hour version at the Venice and Telluride film festivals with less than stellar commentary. Iñárritu tells IndieWire that the Venice screening was “a great opportunity to see it and learn things that could benefit from being tied up a bit, adding a scene that never came on time and moving the order one or two things.”

The movie’s trailer suggests that even with 22 minutes less, there’s a lot of people in this movie, including marching bands, soldiers, nightclubs, childbirth, axolotls, a flooded apartment, foot scars and long queues at the airport. The dream sequence is cut to “I am the walrus” and is about as interpretable as this nonsensical verse. bardo will be released in select theaters and on Netflix on December 16. The same date as Avatar: The Way of the Water? Alright, good luck with that!

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