More Starlink satellites ride into orbit on predawn launch of Falcon 9 rocket – Spaceflight Now

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off to begin Starlink Mission 4-17. Credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight Now SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center at dawn on Friday with 53 Starlink internet satellites, ending a sleepless night of space operations just five hours after sending four astronauts back in a splash off the west … Read more

Back garden astronomers contribute to real world science, including finding asteroids

Much like YouTube turned a generation of watchers into creators, new advances in telescope technology are allowing amateur sky watchers to make real, meaningful contributions to science. Astrophotography isn’t easy. It requires an understanding of stellar coordinates, when different objects will be visible, the ability to stay up late, and patience. One firm, Unistellar, has … Read more

Spontaneous Magnetic Reversal of Monster Black Hole Sparks Enigmatic Outburst

This illustration shows the accretion disk, corona (pale, conical swirls above the disk), and supermassive black hole of the active galaxy 1ES 1927+654 before its recent surge. Credit: NASA/Sonoma State University, Aurore Simonnet NASA’s Swift Observatory tracks monster black hole’s potential magnetic flip A rare and enigmatic explosion from an active galaxy 236 million light-years … Read more

Bilayer graphene inspires two-universe cosmological model

Une feuille de graphène incurvée et étirée posée sur une autre feuille incurvée crée un nouveau motif qui a un impact sur la façon dont l’électricité se déplace à travers les feuilles. Un nouveau modèle suggère qu’une physique similaire pourrait émerger si deux univers adjacents sont capables d’interagir. Crédit : Alireza Parhizkar, JQI Les physiciens … Read more

Scientists just found mountains of sugar hidden beneath the ocean

Many coastal areas around the world are home to lush green grasslands, all thanks to seagrass beds. As the only flowering plants growing in marine environments, these grasslands are magical: a square kilometer of seagrass stores almost twice as much carbon as terrestrial forests, and it does so 35 times faster. This makes seagrasses one … Read more

See a Rare ‘Beautifully Bronze Deep-Sea Dragon’ Shimmer on Video

California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has discovered another gem of the deep with a video of a rare top-tier dragonfish (Bathophilus flemingi), a toothy predator known for its hunting technique consisting of calmly dragging through the water to catch unsuspecting prey. Mbari shared the ethereal video of the torpedo-shaped creature this week. The footage … Read more

Before There Were Birds or Bees, This Is How Trilobites Made Babies

The sturdy, calcite-infused exoskeletons of trilobites and their segmented shells are nearly ubiquitous in fossil deposits from the Cambrian to Permian period. But this treasure trove of trilobite fossils has revealed frustratingly little about how Paleozoic animals reproduced over 250 million years of life on ancient Earth. A recently re-examined fossil from the Burgess Shale … Read more