Gemma Chan is getting her own Crazy Rich Asians spin-off

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan
Photo: Gotham (Getty Images)

Jon M. Chu’s boobies rich asian was a defining moment in recent movie, not least because it apparently indicated Hollywood executives in the (do not exactly developer) there was a lot of money to be made provide real studio support to already wonderful work Asian American designers were doing in the film industry. Now Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is set to expand the franchise, developing a spin-off film centered around Gemma Chan’s character, Astrid, who was a supporting presence in the original film.

Specifically, the as-yet-untitled film will follow Astrid (unfortunately married in the original film) as she falls in love with Charlie, previously played by Harry Shum Jr. The film is being developed by Jason Kim, whose recent screenplay credits include barry, Loveand Girlsworking from plot elements of author Kevin Kwan’s 2015 sequel novel, rich girlfriend in china. Kim is set to write the script, after apparently winning over executives with her pitch for the spin.the approach of off.

To be clear, Kim’s film is a totally separate thing from the boobies rich asian sequel (also, it seems, based on rich girlfriend in china) which has been in the works for a few years now; it is unknown if stars Constance Wu and Henry Golding will appear in the spinoff, or if the two different plots of Kwan’s novel will be completely split into their separate movies.

Chan has had a busy schedule over the past two years, including headlining his own Marvel movie with Eternals. She also had a co-starring role in Disney’s Raya and the last dragon (appearing next to boobies rich asian‘Awkwafina).

boobies rich asian was, as we noted above, a pretty massive success for Warner Bros., grossing $238 million – gangbusters, for a $30 million rom-com. Plans to strengthen the franchise have been slowed, both by the pandemic and by salary disputes raised by former screenwriter Adele Lim; Amy Wang is now set to write the screenplay for the sequel.

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